450. An infinite love for animals and nature to convey to our children.

When my children were young I built a huge aviary. I then bought colourful peacocks, white peacocks, regal pheasants and various species of duck. Every morning I looked for the eggs, which were usually well hidden in every corner of the aviary. I also bought an incubator with special lamps that emitted the required heat. The hatching of the eggs were great emotional moments for us!  We spent hours looking for even the slightest movement in the eggs that would prepare us for the arrival of a new-born. It was not easy to keep them alive and this made us love them even more.  It made us feel more emotionally attached to them and responsible for them.

I loved to explain all these things to my children. I liked to encourage them to love animals, nature and everything that the countryside offered us. I then added more German shepherd dogs and my first blue and yellow parrot, followed by a second one, red and yellow. Parrots, what odd birds! They have great intelligence and they bond with one single person. They get attached to the place where they live.  They can become sweet and eat delicately from your hands or even from your mouth with that huge beak that can be so strong and sharp.

I love animals and when they get attached to me I return their affection and pay them a lot of attention.  Every animal understands this and, even though they may have a natural fear in the beginning, with patience a true friendship always binds us.

I could have become an animal trainer.  I love them and being around them.  Animals are instinctive, natural.  The emotions they show are true.  I love their instincts, their truth which we find in abundance in our own young.

Do you have a pet? Is it a dog, a cat or… something else? What have you learned to love? What has learned to love you.


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