Written by * Roberto Cavalli

I am in Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco…

Beautiful, elegant women, brilliantly engineered and powerful cars, the international jet set meet here every year for a date that you cannot miss… the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix is an event that takes place on a very unique track. Powerful engines compete on the winding streets and hairpin bends of Monte Carlo, an unusual track and so different from the classic F1 circuits where the powerful racing cars whiz by at speeds of up to 370 km/h (230 mph). In Monaco, a maximum speed of about 290 km/h (180 mph) is reached at the end of the tunnel, a phenomenal speed for such a circuit.

The Monaco Grand Prix is an exciting race… during practice and then during the race the roar of the engines of the F1 cars is deafening, echoing and amplified on the narrow streets of the small Kingdom…

These days finding a room in a hotel or a table at a restaurant is impossible, everything is booked twelve months in advance…
I watched this great race from a unique position with a commanding view.

Besides my passion for speed and the pleasure of living the atmosphere of the Grand Prix I am here in Monte Carlo to attend a gala dinner in my honour at Zelo’s – an event at which I was particularly honoured and happy to meet many of my long time dear friends.

I really enjoyed the company of Ezio Greggio, always very brilliant. He is celebrated as a comedian, actor and film producer. Every time we meet he looks younger…

Certainly the contrast between the quiet Cavalli Island and the cosmopolitan Monte Carlo is very strong… I like to alternate moments of absolute tranquillity with the glamor of this worldly event!

I think we are very fortunate to live in a time where being citizens of the world is so easy.

Un grosso bacino.


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